We are excited to welcome these exceptional alumni to our Leadership team;  and who bring to the table their varied, vast and valuable professional experiences


  1. President: Nnanna Ezuma-Ngwu – Class of 78
  2. Vice President (Operations): Claire (Chiggy) Asogwa – Class of 92
  3. Vice President (Strategic Programs): Ekene Ofodile – Class of 92
  4. Gen. Secretary: Nnaemeka (Mandela) Chikwendu – Class of 89
  5. Treasurer: Nora Agajelu -Class of 99
  6. Financial Secretary: Chuba Mbaneme – Class of 97
  7. Public Relations Officer: Chuka Okonkwo – Class of 95
  8. Communications Officer: Enuma Duhu – Class of 93


Board Chairman: Chidi Jude Ogene – Class of 85
Board Secretary: Chiko Achebe Onu – Class of 86
  1. Nkeiru Ijoma Abara – Class of 77
  2. Nnaemeka Agajelu – Class of 88
  3. Dilibe Omesuh – Class of 90
  4. Emeka Egbuonye – Class of 91
  5. Nonso Onochie – Class of 94
  6. Nnanna Ezuma Ngwu – Class of 78
Per the organization’s constitution; the outgoing officers are dissolved prior to elections being held; with the in-coming officers assuming office once the results are finalized and announced.
As such we aim to inform that the listed officers assumed their roles effective June 2018
AFGCEAA strives to advance meaningful solutions for the problems that currently plague our esteemed alma mater. We look forward to the fresh perspectives and valuable insight of our team of officers; as we continue our commitment to the students and teachers at FGCE
They have over the years (some more recently) been generous with their time, talent and mite towards the organization. The continued willingness to volunteer their effort is an asset and we wish them all the best as they represent us.