FGCE Alumni

FGCE AMERICAS celebrates its 10th Anniversary

We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming 10th anniversary celebration and alumni reunion will be held in the beautiful city of New Orleans, at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans

We trust you have your calendars marked… flights booked… and ready to have a swell time at “The Big Easy”!!

Programs and Events

FGCE Alumni

April 4, 2024

Join us in the exciting city of New Orleans on the 1st – 4th of August 2024, as we celebrate a worthy milestone for our organization and alumni community.

FGCE Alumni

April 4, 2024

Following through with our tradition & overarching goals… Giving back, Community service & relations, Engagement….

FGCE Alumni

April 4, 2024

Come Many of us gathered in Atlanta to

support the SE-Chapter Fall Party.

YUUUUUGE THANKS!! To the Atlanta Team

who made sure we had a blast,

and were very well taken care of.

FGCE Alumni

April 4, 2024

Our global alumni community gathered

in Toronto Canada for its bi-annual reunion,

at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.


Federal Government College Enugu (FGCE) traces its roots back to 1973 in the aftermath of Nigeria’s civil war and was established as one of many Unity Schools in Nigeria for high performing students recruited from different parts of Nigeria.

FGCE Alumni


FGCE Alumni is devoted to serving our college family and community as we invest back into the foundation of what made us who we are for a better future.

  • International focus – our alumni reside all across the globe

  • Professional excellence – we encourage learning and growth

  • Human capital – networking synergy for development

Unity Colleges were established by Nigeria as a means of fostering the spirit of National Unity among Nigerians which we hold true.


To make our students real leaders of tomorrow in all spheres of life through effective teaching and learning.

Maintaining a high standard in academic pursuits as well as a high taste in excellence and moral discipline.

To harness the latent potential of Nigerian children, achieve academic excellence towards realizing national educational goals.

Pro Unitate

I promise to be an obedient, honest and hardworking student of Federal Government College Enugu.
To do only those things that enhances our good name and image.
To refuse association with any cult, bad influence group and refrain from all wilful destruction of college property.
To love all students refrain from all fagging activities.
To aim ultimately at academic excellence and good conduct till the end of my course.
So help me God.